What problems should students pay attention to when matching glasses

Many students have to wear glasses for reasons such as decreased eyesight. In the face of glasses shops everywhere in the street, how should students choose and buy businesses and products to match a pair of glasses suitable for themselves?

As we all know, unqualified glasses not only fail to correct vision, but may also cause damage to the eyes. So, what problems should students pay attention to when they match glasses?

First Step  Inspection before matching glasses
It is best to go to a regular hospital for eye examination before fitting glasses, because some students' visual acuity decline is not caused by myopia or myopic astigmatism, but may be caused by some eye diseases. 

Therefore, a systematic ophthalmic examination should be carried out before optometry. It is very necessary to distinguish between true myopia and false myopia.


Second Step  Location selection


Glasses should go to a regular hospital or a reputable glasses shop. Do not try to be cheap or easy. Check whether the glasses enterprise has obtained the production license of glasses products.


Whether the optometry equipment and testing instruments of the glasses enterprise have qualified marks, optometry, whether the production personnel have certificates, whether the glasses have qualified marks (certificates), etc.


After all, the "four certificates" owned by glasses enterprises are the premise to ensure the quality of glasses.


Third  Step  Attention to glasses preparation


Glasses must be prepared through optometry, trial wearing and other procedures.


According to the doctor's requirements, mydriasis optometry should be done when necessary, especially for minors and first-time opticians. After optometry, ask for an optometry sheet.


Since optometry is easily affected by emotion and physical condition, it should be done twice within a few days to achieve scientific and accurate optometry results


Fourth  Step  Material selection of glasses

Generally, spectacle lenses are divided into resin, glass and crystal. Both lenses and frames should have a "shelf life". If the lens, frame and frame are imported materials, the imported commodity inspection certificate shall be provided.


Resin lenses are very popular with students because of their light weight, but the maintenance requirements are also high.


For example, when the temperature exceeds 60 ℃, the lenses will be damaged and blurred due to different expansion rates of each layer at high temperature, and their wear resistance coefficient is also significantly lower than that of glass lenses. Therefore, consumers should pay attention to the protection of lenses when wearing them at ordinary times.


Fifth Step After buying glasses

After purchasing glasses, you should ask the sales unit for certificates such as glasses preparation processing order, invoice and after-sales commitment, so that you can safeguard your legitimate rights and interests in case of problems in the future.


If it is found that there are still discomfort reactions more than one week after wearing glasses, consumers should consult an ophthalmologist or professional in time.


If the child is nearsighted after examination, parents should not worry too much. They should choose the right lens and wear glasses in time, so that early detection and early treatment can achieve better results.



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Post time: Jun-22-2022