Wear big frame glasses. Is it easy to see fatigue like this?

Many people think that large frame glasses are only a little heavier than ordinary glasses, and they don't feel any other discomfort.


However, experts said that improper selection of glasses size may cause many problems, especially for patients with small pupil distance and high myopia.

Because the lens is too large, the optical center distance cannot match the actual pupil distance of all eyes, and patients are prone to blurred vision, visual fatigue and other symptoms.

Patients with high myopia wear large frame glasses, and the lenses are often very thick, so it is good to choose a small frame, which not only takes into account the appearance, but also improves the problems caused by deformation and distortion around the lens.


For those with low myopia, it is best not to wear small frame frames. The smaller the frame, the narrower the field of vision, and the eyes are prone to fatigue.

In addition, although flat glasses have no degree, they are an "obstacle" to the eyes after all. If the lens is stained with dust or the lens material is not clear enough, long-term use will still have a certain impact on vision.


Post time: Jul-04-2022