Today’s knowledge point – how much can frameless glasses achieve?

Many young friends choose frameless frames. They think they are light and have a sense of texture. They can say goodbye to the shackles of the frame, and they are versatile, free and comfortable.

Because frameless frames mainly focus on lightness, reduce the wearer's pressure, enhance comfort and have a wide field of vision, they are more exquisite and fashionable than half frame and full frame, so many fashion experts love frameless glasses.


However, rimless glasses do not have spectacle frames and fixed spectacle lenses like half frames and full frames, so there are many restrictions on the degree. So how much can rimless glasses do?

First of all, frameless myopia glasses can directly see the lens. The higher the degree, the thicker the lens will be; Secondly, the sunlight of rimless glasses can shine in from the axial position of the lens, causing dispersion effect, which has a certain impact on seeing things; Third, the frameless lens is easy to be scratched and broken without the protection of the frame, so it needs to be carefully protected and stored.


Another problem is that if the thickness of the lens is relatively thick, it is also necessary to consider whether the screws passing through the lens are long enough, and the stability of fixation is also a problem to be considered. Therefore, the general optician suggests that the height of glasses should not choose rimless glasses for the sake of being responsible to consumers. It is not that he does not want the height of consumers to choose rimless glasses


To sum up, if your nearsightedness reaches 600 degrees or higher, try not to choose frameless nearsighted glasses. Half frame or full frame is more suitable.

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Post time: Jun-20-2022