High Index Lens-Make Your Glasses More Beautiful

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High Index Lens
The material selected for the high index ultra-thin series is high-quality lens material, excellent optical performance and high-strength, thin and light lenses, which bring visual satisfaction to us.
1.67 HMC

High index, lighter and thinner

The higher the index, the thinner the lens, which is fashionable and beautiful, and is more suitable for medium and high power.


Sturdy and anti-collision

High impact resistance, bringing a sense of security to the wearer of the glasses, more suitable for "rimless glasses" or "high are lenses"


Keep longer Higher

weather resistance, long- term use, the color of the lens is not easy to turn yellow, the coating and the lens have strong adhesion, the coating has higher durability.


Good optical properties

It has the characteristics of high index and high Abbe number, small dispersion, clear and comfortable imaging and is uniformly polymerized in a glass mold with minimal internal stress.

Post time: Dec-10-2022