High temperature 丨prompt Please do not put the resin glasses in the car!

If you are a car owner or myopic, you should pay more attention. In the hot season, do not put resin glasses in the car!

If the vehicle is parked in the sun, the high temperature will cause damage to the resin glasses, and the film on the lens is easy to fall off, then the lens will lose its due function and affect the health of vision.


The structure of many resin glasses is composed of three layers, and the expansion rate of each layer is different. If the temperature reaches 60 ℃, the lens will become blurred, such as small mesh lattices.


Some experiments show that when the outdoor temperature reaches 32 ℃, the temperature inside the car may be above 50 ℃. In this way, the spectacle lens placed on the vehicle is easy to be damaged.


This also reminds us not to wear resin glasses to hot places, such as sauna, etc. Glasses also have a long life and need care

Post time: Dec-29-2021