Today’s knowledge – how to eliminate eye fatigue after using the computer?

The popularity of computers and the Internet has undoubtedly brought great changes to people's lives, but long-term use of computers or reading articles on computers do great harm to people's eyes.

But experts say there are some very simple tricks that can help computer users minimize this damage - as simple as blinking their eyes or looking away.

In fact, looking at the computer screen for a short time will not cause serious eye diseases, but office workers staring at the screen for a long time may cause what ophthalmologists call "computer vision syndrome".


Computer vision syndrome is caused by the eyes staring at the screen too long at a very close distance. The eyes can't rest. Eye diseases related to computer use are common among patients with this practice.

Other factors affecting eye health include too harsh screen or too strong reflection under low illumination, and dry eyes caused by insufficient blinking frequency, which will lead to some eye pain and discomfort.

But there are several ways that may be helpful to computer users. One suggestion is to blink more times and let the lubricating tears moisten the eye surface.


For those who wear multifocal lenses, if their lenses are not "synchronized" with the computer screen, they are at greater risk of eye fatigue.

When people sit in front of the computer, it is very important to have enough area to clearly see the computer screen through the multifocal lens and ensure that the distance is appropriate.

Everyone must let their eyes rest from time to time while staring at the computer screen (the 20-20-20 rule can be used to give their eyes a proper rest).

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Ophthalmologists also put forward the following suggestions:

1. select a computer monitor that can tilt or rotate and has contrast and brightness adjustment functions

2. use an adjustable computer seat

3. place the reference materials to be used on the document holder next to the computer, so that there is no need to turn the neck and head back and forth, and the eyes do not need to adjust the focus frequently

There is no direct connection between long-term use of computer and serious eye injury. These statements are incorrect in terms of eye injury caused by computer screen or any special eye diseases caused by eye use.


Post time: Jun-03-2022