Do you understand photochromic lenses

First, the principle of color change film

In modern society, the air pollution is becoming more and more serious, the ozone layer is damaged a little bit, and the glasses are exposed to the ultraviolet rays of the sun. Photochromic sheets are microscopic grains of silver halide and copper oxide in the lens that contain the color-changing factors. When irradiated by strong light, silver halide decomposes into silver and bromine, and the decomposed silver tiny grains make the lens appear dark brown; when the light becomes dark, silver and halide regenerate silver halide under the catalysis of copper oxide. , so the color of the lens becomes lighter again.

Second, the color change of the color-changing film

1. When it is sunny: in the morning, the air clouds are thin, the ultraviolet rays are less blocked, and more reach the ground, so the depth of the color-changing lenses in the morning is also deeper. In the evening, the ultraviolet rays are relatively weak, because the sun is far away from the ground in the evening, and most of the ultraviolet rays are blocked by the accumulation of fog during the day; so the depth of discoloration is very shallow at this time.

2. When it is cloudy: the ultraviolet rays are sometimes not weak and can reach the ground, so the color-changing lenses can still change color. Almost no discoloration and very transparent indoors, the color-changing lenses can provide the most suitable glasses for UV and glare protection in any environment, adjust the color of the lenses in time according to the light, and provide health protection for the eyes anytime, anywhere while protecting vision.

3. The relationship between color-changing lenses and temperature: Under the same conditions, as the temperature increases, the color of the color-changing lenses will gradually become lighter as the temperature increases; on the contrary, when the temperature decreases, the color-changing lenses will slow down. Slowly get deeper. That's why it turns light in summer and darker in winter.

4. The speed of color change, the depth is also related to the thickness of the lens

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Post time: Nov-05-2022