Can eye astigmatism wear contact lenses?

When our eyesight drops, we need to wear glasses. However, some friends tend to wear contact lenses due to work, occasions or one of their own preferences. But can I wear contact lenses for astigmatism?

For mild astigmatism, it is OK to wear contact lenses, and it will help to correct vision. But if astigmatism is serious, you should carefully check it and listen to the doctor's advice

We all know that wearing contact lenses can correct refraction. In this way, it can correct slight astigmatism. Therefore, wearing contact lenses for astigmatism within 100 is no problem.

However, if your astigmatism is more than 175, and the spherical and cylindrical lenses are greater than or equal to 4:1, you should consider whether you can wear contact lenses. Of course, this can only be known after professional optometry.

Now there are special contact lenses for astigmatism people in the market, that is, the well-known astigmatism contact lenses. As long as the contact lenses can be worn with the approval of the authority, you can purchase contact lenses according to the data provided by the authority.


Therefore, whether to wear contact lenses after astigmatism should be analyzed in detail. If your eyes are no longer suitable for wearing contact lenses, don't reject wearing frame glasses because of your appearance, otherwise it will bring a burden to your eyes and make your vision problems more serious.


Post time: Jun-20-2022