1.56 Infared IR Blue Block UV420 SHMC Optical Lens

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IR blue block lens,

Protect your eyes

Make eyes younger


Efficient filtering of infrared rays


Anti Reflection, UV protection,

Super Hydrophobic, Blue block Filter.

Bring you Comfortable vision

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Invisible killer of eyes

Ican't open my eyes in the sun

Can't see in the strong light

Eyes are prone to tears, photophobia and even pain

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Near infrared damage

Near infrared radiation goes deeper into the eye fundus than ultraviolet radiation, which shows that:

Near infrared ray is the light that is more likely to cause eye diseases

Due to the short wavelength of near-infrared ray, it produces a large number of thermal effects

Yes, if it accumulates for a long time or causes injury to the eyes in excess

Harmful, which may cause lens opacity, cataract and sunlight induced vision

Omental cauterization, macular lesions, etc.

Why we need IR Anti-infared rays lens?

Three potential factors of eye damage

Lenses are an important line of defense for eye protection. We must understand that they exist in natural light

Three potential factors damaging eyes: ultraviolet, blue and near infrared

Infrared ray, also known as infrared radiation, thermal radiation or thermal ray, is a component of non ionizing radiation

The near-infrared ray in the spectrum belongs to the invisible band, with the band of 780nm~1400nm.


Where does the infrared ray come from?

In fact, the existence of near-infrared ray has been ignored by many people.

Whether outdoors or indoors, your eyes are constantly exposed to infrared damage.


In the sunlight, it has more than 46% Infared rays

Daily life exposure

3C supplies, microwave ovens, hot irons, heaters and other household equipment

Environmental exposure

Solar infrared radiation received by people in daily outdoor activities

And infrared radiation near other light sources and heat sources.

Occupational exposure

Near productive heat sources, baking and heating equipment, etc., such as

Use of special in industrial and agricultural production, scientific research and medical fields

Lighting fixtures or molten metal, glass and

Processing process that produces arc light, etc.


* Offer selective protection against
harmful UV and blue lights
* Prevent eye strain and eye fatigue
* Enhance contrast of colors,increase
visual perception
* Comfortable wearing experience
* Transparency for a better clarity of

* More scratch resistance for an improved durability
* Easier to clean and keep clean
* Anti-static properties to avoid dust
* Smudge-resistant toavoid fingerprints
* Reduce the frequency of lens cleaning

1.56 HMC (41)

Why we need blue cut lens?


1. Offer selective protection against harmful UV and blue lights
2. Prevent eye strain and eye fatigue
3. Comfortable wearing experience
4. Transparency for a better clarity of vision

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What are the dangers of blue light?

Blue light causes the gradual oxdation and deterioration of the retina over your lifetime, leaving our eyes exposed and susceptible to developing macular degeneration. Bluecut Lenses provide a protective shield to such harmful angers and visual troubles by bolking the transmission of blue light of 400~500nm wavelength..

What are the sources of blue light?

Nowdays, everybody encounters blue light in daily activies. Fluorescent lighting, electronic screens (photos, computers, TVs, etc. ), and the sun emit damaging high-energy blue light.


Our Blue Cut Lenses' Advantages

Our blue cut lenses can effectively prevent blue light radiation.
And the lenses are of good quality and are not easily broken.


Improve Contrast

Enhance contrast of colors, increase visual preception.



More scratch resisitance for an improved durability.


Block Blue Light Effectly

Offer selective protection against harmful UV and blue light.

Product Packaging

Packaging Details

1.56 hmc lens packing:

envelops packing (For choice):

 1)standard white envelops

2)OEM with customer's LOGO, have MOQ requirement

cartons: standard cartons:50CM*45CM*33CM(Every carton can include around 500 pairs lens,21KG/CARTON)


Shipping & Package


Production Flow Chart

  • 1- Mold preparing
  • 2-Injection
  • 3-Solidifying
  • 4-Cleaning
  • 5-First inspecting
  • 6-Hard coating
  • 7-second inspecting
  • 8-AR Coting
  • 9-SHMC coating
  • 10- Third inspecting
  • 11-Auto packing
  • 12- warehouse
  • 13-fourth inspecting
  • 14-RX service
  • 15- shipping
  • 16-service office

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